Family Destroyed By Game Night


An Ohio Family was completely destroyed after an unfortunate game night.
An Ohio Family was completely destroyed after an unfortunate game night.

Columbus, OH — Police were called to a local Columbus residence Friday night, to break up a family dispute. The Williams family was having its weekly Monopoly game night when a fight broke out over a property trade between brother and sister that erupted in to chaos when the family got involved after cheating was alleged.

Tammy Williams, Mother of 5, is being charged with aggravated assault after paper cutting her husband with monopoly property cards after he took his son’s side in the argument. The husband had to be taken to the hospital to have his wounds cleaned.

“That s.o.b. always takes up for that snot nosed little bastard, well not anymore,” a handcuffed Tammy said. “You can’t trade and give someone a Monopoly on Boardwalk, it’s bullshit!”

Brian Williams, 16, was repeatedly kicked in his testicles by three of his sisters after making the trade to his youngest sister Alaina. He was taken to the hospital and was unavailable for comment.

Alaina, 10, described the scene to Gish Gallop.

“It was insane my Mom just freaked and threw the board across the room,” said Alaina. “She told my sisters to ‘get that little bastard’, they really beat my brother I don’t think he will ever walk straight again. My Dad tried to help Brian, but he got tackled by my Mom who kept calling him ‘a bitch’ as she paper cut him. Daddy was crying”.

Police are warning residents to be careful when organizing family events, to do something calming like coloring.