Sacramento, CA — Expectant mother Aubrey Goodrow of Citrus Heights, CA saw what she believes is Prince’s image in a regular prenatal ultrasound at Mercy Hospital in Sacramento today. Ms. Goodrow, unaware of Prince’s passing today and considers herself a huge fan, was excited to see the faint image of the rock superstar overlaid onto her five-month-old son.

“It was unmistakable,” said Ms. Goodrow in a telephone interview. “I went in for a routine ultrasound, and there he was. Prince. It was only later that I learned of his passing, which makes this very weird, right?”

According to ultrasound technician Albert Bishop, a 14-year employee of Mercy Hospital, he’s seen a lot of weird things before, but nothing like this.

“I’ve seen all kinds of strange things,” said a somewhat disturbed Mr. Bishop. “Most of the time, people are just projecting things they want to see. You know, like those ink blotter diagrams where people see monsters and stuff. But this was different. I could make out Prince’s face. No one knew that he had just died. So that makes all this so much more interesting and kinda sad.”

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