Niceville, FL — Jamie and Michael Hunt consider themselves patriots, and you’ll know that within seconds of meeting them because they will tell you.

“Our families go way back,” said Jamie Hunt leaning into her statement. “My family has always been Democrats until [Bill] Clinton. They called us Reagan Democrats in the ’80s. So I guess you can say we see all sides of everything.”

Jamie (38) and Michael (44) make it a point to tell you, despite not being asked, that they voted for and continue to support Donald Trump.

“Look. This country is going in the wrong direction,” said Michael looking around to see if he had attracted an audience. He hadn’t. “People like us are not in control anymore. Trump knew that. He was a man of the people. So now, they’re telling us what to do and want to contaminate our bodies and muzzle our children. It’s about freedom to choose.”

A mask mandate was on the agenda at a recent Okaloosa County school board meeting. And Jamie and Michael were there. Outside, of course, because they were banned from the building last month after bringing canned air horns into the supervisor’s chambers, discharging them each time a board member used the word COVID.

“We’ve come here to let our voices of freedom be known. It’s not about masks. It’s about whatever we feel is a threat to our liberty,” continued Jamie, who was now shouting as if speaking to a crowd of a thousand. “And we feel that we need to make a point. We elect these people. And if we want to send our kids to school without pants, then that’s our parental choice. Not some out-of-touch official.”

The Hunt family has two children, Daisy (10) and Kenton (12), who’ve been going to school without masks and any lower garments. Both children have been promptly sent home and put on suspension until their parents meet with the school officials.

“They can’t tell us what to do. There is nowhere in the Constitution that says anyone has to wear pants,” continued Michael. When asked why he was wearing pants outside the board meeting, he said its “my body, my choice.” At which point he removed his pants and flung them into the back of his 2014 Dodge RAM pickup truck. “See, just like that.”

The Hunts think that all laws, rules, and guidelines not specifically mentioned in either the Bible or the United States Constitution are illegal and are not to be followed. That includes traffic laws, taxes (the couple hasn’t paid taxes in over 10 years after “the Muslim stole the election in 2008”), and of course, anything having to do with schooling their kids.

When asked why they didn’t just enroll their kids in a private school, Jamie scoffed.

“They require both vaccinations and masks at the Catholic school. And uniforms. And we can’t afford homeschool due to my work as a beautician and Mike’s construction job. So we’re stuck with this crap. But we’re not giving up. As soon as these traitors leave the meeting, we’re gonna tell them what we think.”

Later in the evening, Michael was cited and released by the Okaloosa county sheriff for indecent exposure within 100 yards of a school facility. A charge, according to his wife, he plans to fight.

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