Screen capture of Kim Kardashian in the now-famous Dresden tunnel episode of Selfies with the Kardashians.
Screen capture of Kim Kardashian in the now-famous Dresden tunnel episode of Selfies with the Kardashians.

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Burbank, CA — Executive Producer Ryan Seacrest (b. 1974 Ryan Epstein) said he was disappointed that the E! Entertainment Network failed to pick up his latest show Selfies with the Kardashians, and criticized the television network for “not giving it a real chance.” The show, which debuted in late September, featured the Kardashian family traveling around the world taking selfies in exotic and sometimes dangerous situations.

“The idea was real simple,” said Mr. Seacrest speaking via telephone. “We sent the entire Kardashian gang to places most people would never dream of going.  You know, places the average American can’t afford. Then we’d have them take selfies. So I’m disappointed about E’s decision here. The good news is they released us from our contract, so I can shop it elsewhere.”

As with their sister show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Selfies with the Kardashians was the immediate subject of constant scorn and panning by critics and social scientists for “offering no redeeming societal nutrition, which includes entertainment value,” according to Washington Post television critic Roxana Hadadi. And according to E! programming executives, the program was doing poorly in the 18-34 year old, unemployed demographic, a market the network relies on for most of its viewer-ship.

“I know we get a lot of flak for the shows,” continued Mr. Seacrest, “but it’s all about fun. People love looking into the lives of the rich and famous. What makes it work is your average Joe can see himself living their lives, even if they’ll never be able to get it. It’s a part of the American Dream, if you ask me.”

According to Mr. Seacrest, his production company already has 2 full seasons of Selfies with the Kardashians filmed.

“We have one episode where we film the girls in European train tunnels,” said an excited Mr. Seacrest. “That was one of the trickier shoots. Kourtney almost got run over by a commuter train in Dresden. That was a close one, but worth it. And we’ve got Caitlyn recreating her Olympic run using a GoPro in Munich. It’s fantastic stuff.”

Industry insiders say MTV Europe is interested in picking up the show.