Dale Best outside his North San Juan home.
Dale Best outside his North San Juan home.

North San Juan, CA — In a rare occurrence, area driver and frequent Nevada City to North San Juan commuter Dale Best was polite and considerate while driving on highway 49 on Wednesday.

“I’m usually in a hurry, and almost always there’s someone holding up traffic,” said a proud Mr. Best. “Usually I’ll get up on their tails, flash my lights and sometimes wave my hands. But not yesterday. I just took my time, maintained a safe distance, and enjoyed the drive.”

The stretch of Highway 49 between Nevada City and North San Juan is known for its stunning beauty, deep canyon and horrible, asshole drivers.

“I’m literally terrified to drive on that road at any time of the day or night,” said Lisa Fellows of Nevada City. “I drive the speed limit and people come right up on me very aggressively. It’s very scary and dangerous and stupid.”

According to Mr. Best, his considerate behavior was a fluke and not to expect it again anytime soon.

“It won’t happen again, I can tell you that,” said a confident Mr. Best. “People need to learn to get out the way. I’ve got this Jeep and I mean business.”


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