Dr. Evil contends that Ms. Clinton has been impersonating his style.
Dr. Evil contends that Ms. Clinton has been impersonating his style.

Dark Lair, NY — A federal judge issued a gag order this morning in response to a lawsuit filed in New York’s 96th District court. “Because of the sensitive nature of this case and it’s combatants, I find it necessary to keep a tight lid on this one,” stated New York District Judge, Benny al-Bsowi. “It’s not every day that one super-villain files a lawsuit against another super-villain.”

Luckily, we were able to get this story to press before the gag order was issued.

In his suit, Dr. Evil, a criminal mastermind that has been hell-bent on world domination for several decades, contends that Hillary Clinton has ripped off his style, namely his patented evil genius clothing pattern. He also contends that Ms. Clinton has been impersonating his style of ruthless and underhanded dealings in an attempt to beat him to the punch in the field of world conquest and domination.

“You see, this is not about what is fair or right or wrong,” Dr. Evil began explaining to the crush of reporters. “This is about what I want. World domination is a tricky game and I have spent decades picking out the proper attire for a tyrant that rules the world. Oh sure, she will tell you that I gave up my spot in line , but I was just on vacation in the Bahamas. I’ve been tired lately, what with all the new rules and regulation that have been placed on world domination schemes by the Obama Administration. You take one little vacation and someone sneaks in and steals your gig. What kind of world are we living in that would allow such a hostile takeover?”

On a side note, Dr Evil was clear when he stated, “I haven’t had a good number two in quite some time. I have had my eye on Trump for a while and I think he would make a good number two.”

The Clinton camp, at least for now, has refused to comment on the litigation on advice of counsel. Trump could not be reached for comment.

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