Nogales, AZ — Immigration officials have met a new threat at the Mexican border that threatens to undermine efforts to build a new wall: drones. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have recently tracked as many as 4,000 drone flights from the Mexican border carrying migrant children and the deadly drug fentanyl.

“We’ve seen a dramatic increase of human and drug trafficking from Mexico starting this year,” said ICE spokesperson Bethany Millbright. “It seems the cartels have learned to bundle drugs with children in the same drone loads. This keeps immigration officers from normally opening fire on them, for reasons you might imagine. We’re looking at ways to circumvent this new method, but to be honest, they have the upper hand now.”

The drones can carry 54kgs (120lbs) of payload upwards of 20km (12.4 miles) from cartel bases within Mexico. The new drones, called ‘power drones,’ are manufactured by the Tijuana-based Drones de Vuelo Alto. The company has received significant investments from Elon Musk and International Ventures, a non-governmental agency owned by George Soros. Musk and Soros refused to comment on the company.

In the past two weeks, over 700 children under the age of 7 have traveled over the existing border wall in Arizona. Law enforcement estimates that over 127,000kgs or 428,000lbs of fentanyl made it across along with the unchaperoned children.

“That’s enough fentanyl to kill every living organism on Earth,” said Professor James Badwater of the Badwater Institute for Public Policy at the University of Chicago. “That 28,000 pounds is the raw material which can be processed into over 4 billion doses of the street drug. So to say this is a crisis doesn’t even capture the scope of the danger. We might die in just a few weeks if nothing is done.”

Trump Remains Silent and Defiant

Former President Trump has largely been silent on recent drug busts at ports of entry. Critics of the president suggest that since illegal drug trafficking happens at the typical border crossing and via the United States mail, his argument that additional wall construction is invalid. However, these latest cartel activities further repudiate former President Trump’s desire to extend a border wall.

“It’s a real slap to the former President,” continued Professor Badwater. “The cartels must laugh it up with each load they send over the wall. Trump could build a 100-foot wall, which wouldn’t stop a single shipment.”

When confronted leaving Mar-a-Lago, Trump spokesperson Carrey Ables attempted to deflect questions regarding the new cartel drone activity.

“Look, President Trump never said a wall would work,” said Ms. Ables, seemingly walking back a key campaign promise. “A wall is just a figure of speech. It could be made of concrete, steel slats, people, or a missile defense system to shoot down drones. It would be nice once the media reported what he said.”

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