Nevada City, CA's Trump Tacos is being sued by Donald Trump for trademark infringement.
Nevada City, CA’s Trump Tacos is being sued by Donald Trump for trademark infringement.

New York, NY — Trump Enterprises announced today that it plans on suing a small California taqueria for infringing on the President-elect’s trademarked name. Nevada City, CA’s Trump’s Tacos has been in business for a little less than one year and has been doing a brisk business. Although owners Jeff and Stephanie Millbright claim their restaurant has no relation to the real estate tycoon, their menu seems to reflect their solid Democratic Party affiliation.

“Look, we opened Trump’s last February and we’ve been slammed with business ever since,” said Mr. Millbright out in front of his restaurant. “I mean, we know that there are people who will say we’re making fun of Donald Trump, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is this is about good, organic and local Mexican food that our customers crave. And nothing more.”

Trump’s Tacos first came to the attention of the Donald Trump campaign last year when a local GOP operative, former Board of Supervisor and a men’s magazine aficionado sent an email to the New York City campaign headquarters complaining about Democrat indoctrination at a local restaurant. He also noted that the establishment was run by illegal Mexican aliens and Muslim terrorists, both claims which were proven to be untrue. However the complaint that forced Trump Tower lawyers to act was the creative menu options at the Nevada City¬†taqueria ¬†which included such items as “Grab ’em By the Dozen Street Tacos, “the Salsa Wall” and perhaps the most controversial the”I Love Mexicans Taco Salad.”

“So we took a little liberty with the menu items, so what?” Questioned an irritated Mr. Millbright. “Is that a reason to sue anybody? I mean, come on, this guy is a loose cannon and will sue anyone who hurts his feelings. And so what if we give out free Tic Tacs? A lot of places do that.”

According to the cease and desist letter sent to Trump’s Tacos, the Donald Trump organization is demanding that the restaurant immediately change its name and its menu items or close. Failure to close, the letter continues, will result in “litigation from the Donald Trump organization forcing Trump’s Tacos to close and be responsible for any court costs association with the action.”

Donald Trump Enterprises could not be reached for comment.

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