What a proposed Mar-a-Lago West would look like in Grass Valley's Kmart shopping center.
What a proposed Mar-a-Lago West would look like in Grass Valley’s Kmart shopping center.

Grass Valley, CA — According to leaked documents from the Trump administration, corroborated by Wikileaks, Donald Trump Enterprises plans on building a replica of the President’s Florida estate in the former gold rush town of Grass Valley, CA. Called Mar-a-Lago West, the leaked documents discuss the important business opportunity  for investors in the Kmart shopping center.

The document discusses how the Kmart parking lot is “a prime location for an ultra-premiere getaway resorts for distinguished guests and discriminating connoisseurs of fine dining, lodging and sport.” The leaked plans call for “demolishing the shopping center” and replacing it with a series of mansions over the 5 acre property modeled after the Florida resort of the same, but at the same time “paying homage to the rugged and self-reliant spirit of the Sierra Nevada Foothills.”

As news leaked of the planned project, response from the community was mixed sometimes leading to arguments on local Facebook groups.

“Look, we already have few shopping options here in Western Nevada County,” said Cedar Ridge resident and self-proclaimed “super shopper” Janet Williams in the popular Facebook group Nevada County Peeps. And isn’t this just like Nevada County. No one is going to question how stupid this is, but I bet most people are going to argue about the pros and cons of using the Kmart parking lot.”

Still others, like retired contractor and former Nevada County Board of Supervisor Bert DeVos are excited about a possible Trump appearance in Grass Valley.

“People say I’m the Nevada County version of President Trump,” comment Mr. DeVos in a blog he manages. “With the election of Trump and the capture of Congress by the Republicans we get a daily dose of this liberal mass hysteria. Having him here in Grass Valley will show that he’s just a common guy like people like me. A producer, not a liberal moocher.”

There is no date set for construction.

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