Swakopmund, Nambia — According to reports from Western Africa, Donald Trump Jr., was seriously injured during a Safari Trophy hunt when his gun accidentally discharged into his foot allowing an elephant time enough to maul him.

Nambia lies on the African west coast of  President Trump’s imagination. It borders Angola to the north, Botswana to the east, and South Africa to the south. A small panhandle protrudes from the northeast corner of Namibia. Known as the Caprivi Strip, it touches both Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Witnesses at the scene describe a chaotic chain of events which lead to the President’s son spending three days in a Swakopmund Hospital.

“We were on our 14th hunt,” said Donald Trump, Jr. childhood friend Jeff Headley who was the first to attend to Junior’s injuries. “We had just arrived at the preserve and climbed out of the Land Rover. Everything was going fine until we made it about 1/4 mile from the car when Don’s gun went off and the elephants started charging.”

According to their guide Amare Kwame, the pair didn’t heed to some basic safety protocols.

“He didn’t listen to me. I told him. Put your [gun] safety on when you are running,” Mr. Kwame said as he ran his hand across his head in frustration. “But they acted like they knew what they were doing. I said the elephants would charge if you are not careful, Donald. But he didn’t listen.”

The pair were jogging to a large rock outcropping to get a clear sight on a herd of elephants. Donald Jr. had told several friends that he wanted to take out a baby elephant after he’d become irritated about a few YouTube videos featuring young elephants frolicking in watering ponds. As they approached a rather large rock, Don Jr. tripped, discharging his weapon into his right foot, grazing his groin in the process. Fortunately, due to the small size of his crotch area, the bullet missed his man parts.

Seconds after discharging his weapon, are giant female elephant charged the pair, picking up Don Jr. with its tusks and flinging him several yards from the rock outcropping. Fortunately, the elephant was done and left the couple alone. Kwame and Headley dragged the injured Don Jr. back to the car and whisked him off the hospital.

“It could have been so much worse,” continued Mr. Headley speaking out front of Mercy Swakopmund Hospital. “A shot foot and a few bruised ribs. So he’s going to recover. But like everything Don, Jr., he’s anxious to get back on the hunt. We’re already planning a trip for early next year. He’s a real trooper, like his Father.”

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