Donald Trump says that Charles Manson predicted it correctly.
Donald Trump says that Charles Manson predicted it correctly.

New York, NY — Donald Trump, the GOP presumptive nominee for president, has been drawing a great deal of heat lately for praising many of the world’s tyrannical dictators. Today, in a sit-down interview with Fox News host Bill O’Reilly Trump continued his pattern of flattering the demons of the world.

“You know, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the recent horrible occurrences across the nation in the recent months and these last few days in regards to the shootings in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Dallas,” Trump began. “There is something bigger going on here. It’s horrible. Something that most people aren’t able to see because they lack perspective.”

“It seems that racial tensions are rising in America,” stated O’Reilly. “Are you saying that there is more going on here than a plea for equality and justice?”

“There is so much more going on here, but the rising racial tensions are the beginning. It’s Helter Skelter!” Trump exclaimed. “Charles Manson called it. He was just a few decades ahead of the times when he announced his vision of Helter Skelter.”

“Wait a minute,” O’Reilly sounded off. “Are you trying to say we are ramping up to a race war?”

“That is exactly what I am saying,” continued Trump. “Helter Skelter is Manson’s vision of the black man rising up to take control of the world. Manson saw this uprising coming and he also knew that they would need a white man to lead them. The part that Charlie got wrong was the part where “he” would be the white man to lead them. Let’s give Manson the credit he deserves. He called it, but it is clear that I will be the white man that will lead them in the conquest of the world.”

“You are serious about this?”, questioned O’Reilly. “I am a demonstrated racist and even I think this is over the line. This is beyond absurd!”

“Just remember, Bill, I called it first,” Trump beamed. “You’ll soon see that I am right and be begging for my help.”

Trump was ushered out shortly after the last statement so he could make it to Corcoran State Prison where he is scheduled to meet with Charles Manson to pick his brain.

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