Indianapolis, IN — Some call Donald Trump’s recent revelation a low blow and dirty politics. Some are calling it fair play in a very dirty game. This morning via Twitter, as promised, Donald Trump spilled the beans about his opponent, Lyin’ Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi. In a Skype interview with Donald Trump this morning, Gish Gallop got some clarification on this new aspect of the Trump, Cruz feud.

“Lyin’ Ted Cruz is married to a former call girl. It’s terrible. So terrible,” stated the Donald. “I mean, Lyin’ Ted Cruz thinks Americans want a call girl in the White House? It’s terrible. Just terrible,” rambled Mr. Trump.

When asked how he came to have this information, Mr. Trump responded, “It’s terrible. I didn’t want to have to spill the beans. But I warned him (Cruz) not to go down this path. I warned him. It’s terrible. He put out an attack ad about my wife. It’s terrible, terrible. I warned him. But, he wants to play dirty. I know about a lot of skeletons in GOP closets. It’s terrible. That is why the GOP is so very, very afraid of me. They know that I know and will say what I know if I have to say what I know. Do you know? It’s terrible. Just horrible.”

When asked why he thought this was terrible, Gish Gallop asked a follow-up question.

“How do you know, and is your assertion that Heidi Cruz is a former call girl the truth?”

“Well, I have been in the same room with her when she committed these terrible acts. I have pictures! I have video!” exclaimed The Donald. “She is sitting there, dialing the phone. One poor person after another had to endure unsolicited calls from this girl. She wouldn’t stop. She called, and called, and called. It’s terrible. Horrible. And the things she says to these poor voters. Horrible.”

At this point, some woman with a lazy eye came into the frame, screamed, and our connection went dead.

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