Donald Trump chooses himself as his Vice President pick.
Donald Trump chooses himself as his Vice President pick.

New York, NY — Not wanting to be “outdid by Crooked Hillary,” billionaire reality-TV star and alleged businessman Donald J. Trump has announced his own VP running mate, himself. Trump, making his announcement in front of Trump Towers, told reporters that “when lyin’ Ted tapped Carly, that was something no man does except out of pure desperation” and that “real winners don’t need backup; they just friggin’ win yooge all by themselves.”

“So I thought to myself,” Trump told the media, “why not cut a little fat out of the executive budget, and absorb the Vice Presidentialcy into the regular presidentialcy and, bing-bang-boom, I’ll be PresidentVicePresident Trump. Make sense? Of course it does, it’s me.”

Mr. Trump sounded confident as ever in his abilities to achieve “truly the best and biggest, most wonderful things” in the newly-minted position.

“I’ll be the best PresidentVicePresident you’ve ever known,” Trump told reporters, adding, “Winning will become so frequent you’ll almost get friggin’ bored with it, that’s how great it’s going to be when I re-write the Constitution on the fly and name myself my own Vice-President.”

When questioned by several media outlets about the constitutionality of the plan, Trump scoffed at their “lack of vision” and “refusal to understand how powerful [he] will be.”

“When my rabid, mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging fans put me in office,” Trump said, “no one’s gonna friggin’ touch me. No one will say shit to me, really, I think. Because they know they’ll get, and excuse the term, a big-fat-friggin punch in the dick, Presidential Trump style.”

Some other reporters asked Trump if he thinks Congress would just allow him to reshape the government without any input from the voters, or congress themselves. Trump let out a laugh that lasted approximately forty-five full seconds, using the standard “Mississippi” rule.


Republished from The Political Garbage Chute.

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