Donald and Melania Trump are divorcing.
Donald and Melania Trump are divorcing.

New York, NY — Donald Trump, the brash entrepreneur who clinched the 2016 Presidential election, is filing for divorce from wife Melania. Melania, a model, and designer, has been married to Donald since 2005. She is Donald’s third wife.

Sources cite growing discord between the once happy couple. They have been seen arguing frequently and spending most of the time apart from each other.

An anonymous source spoke to us about the split. He said, “Donald just feels like she has not risen to his level of greatness. She has not embraced The Donald’s persona.”

Melania was silent during Donald’s White House bid. Our source went on to say, “She just isn’t good enough to be with him.”┬áTrump released this statement earlier today.

“It is with great sadness that I announce my filing for divorce. Melania has been wonderful to my children and is a good woman. But her accomplishments pale in comparison to mine, she hasn’t even had her first bankruptcy yet. She has not lived up to the Trump ideals, I mean look at her hair. My first act as President will be to deport her to her native Slovenia, maybe she can make designer huts or whatever it is the primitives do.”

Melania has not yet commented on Donald’s statements.

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