California — A Democrat-funded science experiment at the University of Berkeley has successfully created the world’s first baby born outside the womb. But unfortunately, the group, who have connections to Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, and more than likely George Soros, immediately murdered the baby after it was born.

The Women’s Rights Action Team, or WRAT, formed shortly after President Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009 with what many conservatives call suspicious intentions.

“Everyone knew that this committee was nothing more than a front to make abortions more commonplace,” said Congressman Mark Meadows (R-North Carolina). “It’s clear that the chief plank of the Democrat’s platform is to murder as many babies as possible. They can’t find enough real babies, so they must make them. It’s sickening.”

A spokesperson for WRAT said the group promotes awareness and advocates for women’s reproductive rights.

“No one likes abortion,” said WRAT spokesperson Bethany Millbright. “That’s a common rumor from Republicans and other people who don’t take the time to understand the issues. It’s conspiratorial thinking without any evidence.”

News of the “birth” was not meant to be released to the media. However, conservative activist James Edward O’Keefe III leaked the controversial information to the Daily Caller’s online publication earlier this week. According to Mr. O’Keefe, this was part of a more significant “sting” operation that his Project Veritas was conducting.

The Undercover Video

“Let’s forget how cruel and awful it is to rear a baby outside the womb,” said Mr. O’Keefe speaking via phone to Fox News’ the Sean Hannity radio show on Tuesday. “This goes to show that the Democrats only care about one thing. And that one thing is murdering babies as fast as possible, as often as possible, even if they have to gestate them in a lab.”

An undercover video released by Project Veritas appears to show a secret underground lair where babies are “grown” for the sole purpose of murdering them. Critics of the video claim that not only does the video look fabricated, but it also seems that the footage was stolen from the 1999 Keanu Reeves film The Matrix.

“There are no underground laboratories at UC Berkeley, and WRAT is not murdering babies,” continued Ms. Millbright. “WRAT is a research organization. Plain and simple. We receive all our funding from private sources like the Open Society Foundations and New America.”

UC Berkeley has not responded to the allegations. Nancy Pelosi denied knowledge of the program. Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris said she would be a constant fighter for women’s rights. If men had to give birth, abortions would be available at every corner of Jiffy Lube.

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