David Bowie's remains will travel on a North Korean rocket.
David Bowie’s remains will travel on a North Korean rocket.

London, England — A spokesman for Mainman productions, David Bowie’s production company, has said that rock star’s ashes will be carried by a Rodong-1 rocket into space later this month. According to sources close to North Korea, current dictator Kim Jong-un was a big fan of Davie Bowie’s records, his favorite being Hunky Dory.

It is unclear how Mr. Bowie decided on sending his remains into space, although some have speculated that it seems completely appropriate. Even more unclear however, is how the talented superstar hooked up with who is arguably the most diabolical super villain on planet Earth.

Of course the announcement raised alarms across the globe, with many diplomats expressing concern over the Korean Strategic Rocket Force program’s ability to reach outer space. Nonetheless, the project is going forward with or without international blessings.

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