Donald Trump has his own Crayon color now.
Donald Trump has his own Crayon color now.

Allentown, PA — The Crayola Company has touched our lives since childhood. Crayons and coloring books have been a staple in every child’s development. We all wanted the 64 pack of crayons with the built-in sharpener, and envied the kid in class that had it. Today, Crayola has announced a new addition to its 120 colors, it will be adding a 15th shade of orange that it will call, Donald.

Crayola spokesperson Tabitha Shay spoke to Gish Gallop about the new color.

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“To answer the main question, yes it was inspired by Donald Trump’s skin tone,” said Tabitha. “We toyed around with a few names like, Trorange and Presidential Orange. But in the end we named it after its founder, Donald Trump.”

President Trump, never at a loss for words, responded with a scathing tweet aimed at the crayon maker.

“Another day, another hater. I wonder when the last time Crayola’s taxes were audited?”

President Trump’s supporters are reacting on social media, calling for an all out boycott of Crayola and it’s subsidiary companies.

Crayola has said that they are a little worried about the proposed boycott because crayons are what most Trump supporters use to write with. But the company does not expect any real losses from the boycott.

The new color Donald is expected to hit shelves in time for Christmas.