Bob the Pothole
Bob the Pothole

Sacramento, CA — Our nation’s infrastructure has been falling apart for decades, especially our roads. As money is finally infused into road budgets, potholes are finally being patched.

The Sierra family has lived in South Sacramento Holloway Gardens housing development for 20 years. The roads there, like many others, have deteriorated and have not been fixed. One pothole in particular, which the neighborhood calls “Bob,” has been there for over 15 years.

“He has become a part of the family,” said Patty Sierra. “I mean, Bob is as much in this family as [Patty’s daughter] Jessica’s guinea pig. Well, that’s before the neighbor’s cat got it, but that’s another story.”

After years of waiting, funds were finally allocated to fix potholes in Holloway Garden. The Sierra family and neighbors were distraught.

“Bob is like a friend, I drive by him everyday.” Steve Sierra pulled out a photo album, “Here is Bob with the bumper to my Honda. This is Bob with my daughter Anne after she rode her bike into him.” Steve began to choke up. “Losing Bob is like losing a brother. You know what I mean, right?”

Yesterday the city came to fill in Bob. The entire neighborhood came to pay its respects to Bob. As Bob was filled, you could hear weeping from some, as others held hands or hugged. It was a beautiful send off.

In loving Memory Of
Bob The Pothole
2-3-2001 – 2-22-2016

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