Williamsburg, VA — Colonial Williamsburg is a historical city that was settled in the late 1600s in what was then called ‘the Americas.’ Much of the old city remains and has become a tourist hot spot. One of the Williamsburg’s main attractions is its famous actors who portray colonial characters that tourists can interact with.

However, this past Friday Williamsburg was stunned when a Native American raiding party attacked the Colonial City, killing seven and wounding as many as twelve. Four people are still missing. Most of those killed were tourists who thought that it was part of the show.

Many of the dead were the revolutionary war “red coats,” who re-enact past events involving the city. The red coats attempted to fight back. However, they were armed only with black gun powder and caps instead of ammunition, so they were taken down quickly.

Attack survivor Lewis White spoke to Gish Gallop shortly after the attack.

“It was insane they came in whooping and yelling on horseback,” said a  tearful Lewis. “We all thought it was part of the experience until the man beside me took an arrow to his spleen. They took my wife, and I don’t understand.”

The assailants are thought to be from the Iroquois tribe located just north of Williamsburg. They looted many businesses, taking thousands of dollars in corn and flat-screen televisions.

Police are still searching for the assailants and the missing women and currently, have no leads.

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