Wolf Blitzer is reporting that Hillary Clinton put Huma in charge of Bill Clinton's Staff.
Wolf Blitzer is reporting that Hillary Clinton put Huma in charge of Bill Clinton’s Staff.

Washington, DC — Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in an effort to slow down the thunder of a new FBI investigation into her email server scandal has assigned longtime aide Huma Abedin Weiner to her husband’s staff. CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer caught up with Hillary’s campaign manager, Robby Mook for an interview.

“President Clinton was in need of some fresh faces on his staff,” stated Robby Mook. “Mrs. Clinton felt like Huma was the best choice to handle her husband’s staff. Mrs. Weiner has spent many years with the Clinton machine and knows exactly how the former president likes his staff handled.”

When Wolf questioned whether or not, in light of the recent FBI revelations, this was just a smoke and mirrors attempt to hide Mrs. Weiner from the press, Mr. Mook said, “There are no smoke and mirrors. We have nothing to hide, nor does Mrs. Weiner. The Clintons were concerned that there didn’t seem to be any excitement within the former president’s staff. This lack of excitement was causing former president Clinton to be dull and listless while stumping for his wife. We actually had supporters ask if Mr. Clinton might be suffering from Alzheimer’s or something.”

“But you can see how people might think that this is a deflection by the Clinton campaign,” Wolf followed up.

“All you have to do is look at the spring in president Clinton’s step to see the truth,” Mook defended. Huma Weiner walked right in and whipped the president’s staff into shape and brought back the excitement that we remember from the 1990’s. He’s got that twinkle back in his eye and his staff is standing tall and back in the game.”

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