Washington D.C. — Esteemed CNN Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash admitted this morning that she is still struggling with her brother over a Big Wheel he received when they were children. Bash, 45, unexpectedly announced to CNN’s morning show New Day that she never received the famous tricycle as a child, and she was “still waiting for my big wheel.”

A big wheel is a low-riding tricycle with an oversized front wheel, usually made of plastic. The big wheel was a  popular toy in the 1970s.

“I don’t know what to say,” said Ms. Bash taking an abrupt departure from reporting on the Trump Campaign’s ties with the Russians, “I mean, it was 1978, and David [her brother] got a Big Wheel for Christmas, and I didn’t. He rode it around the house, mocking me. I never really recovered from it. I got this stupid Simon Says thing and a Pet Rock. And I’m still waiting for my Big Wheel.”

There was an awkward and brief pause after Ms.  Bash finished her complaint, at which point anchor Chris Cuomo just ignored her request for a Big Wheel and went on to discuss the upcoming James Comey testimony in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday. However, Ms. Bash wasn’t done.

“I mean, Chris, what would you have done?” Questioned Ms. Bash speaking over-top of Mr. Cuomo. “Here he was driving through the kitchen and family room sticking his tongue out of me, and here I was with this stupid Simon Says thing. So all I’m saying is I deserve a Big Wheel. Is that too much to ask?”

At this point, the camera flashed to Cuomo, where she blankly stared at the camera for a few seconds. Then, after composing himself, the anchor broke into a commercial. When the program returned, Ms. Bash continued to discuss the upcoming Senate hearing.

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