Clinton Rally Halted When Crowd Chants “Grab Them By The Weiner”

A Florida Hillary Clinton rally was disrupted by protesters yelling "Grab them y the Weiner!"
A Florida Hillary Clinton rally was disrupted by protesters yelling “Grab them by the Weiner!”

Orlando, FL — Hillary Clinton is back in hot water from her email scandal, as she has been connected to thousands of emails on the laptop of Anthony Weiner. Despite her problems, Hillary continues to  campaign up to the election. In the battleground state of Florida at a rally of 2,000 people near Orlando, when the crowd began chanting “Grab them by the weiner.” Hillary was beside herself and tried many times to silence the rowdy crowd. She cut her speech short and left the stage with the crowd chanting after her.

“I think it was orchestrated by Trump supporters,”  said Hillary supporter Teresa Grizwold. “I cannot believe the indecency of some people, I am so offended now.”

There were no reports of actual violence, though the media is pointing the finger at Trump. CNN is claiming that Trump paid people to disrupt the Clinton rally, though there is no evidence yet to support such a claim. Trump campaign worker Will Grant spoke to Gish Gallop about the accusation.

“We do not need to stoop to that level, Hillary is beating herself with her past actions,”  said Grant. “But it is nice to see her get basted by her own crowd!”

The Clinton campaign tweeted a simple response.

“Simple rabble rousing will not stop us from getting our message out!”

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