London — Pop-Rock fusion. No, it’s not the bubbly candy. This morning, Liz Rosenberg, Cher’s longtime publicist, announced that the Popstar and the Rock icon Robert Plant had reserved the Westminster Abbey for their wedding on January 17th.

“I’m happy to inform everyone that Cher and Robert have set a date for their nuptials,” Ms. Rosenberg grinned. “We know this news may come as a big shock to a lot of people. As you know, Cher has taken some time off due to health concerns. During this brief hiatus, Cher and Robert want everyone to know that they have kindled a passionate fire. So they have chosen January 17th, 2017, at the Westminster Abbey to seal their love.”

Ms. Rosenberg was not made available for questions following the announcement. However, Gish Gallop was able to contact Mr. Plant via Skype for a brief interview.

Gish Gallop asked Plant how this relationship came about.

“She is a wonderful and brilliant woman. And pretty sexy too, I suppose,” said a grinning Plant in a thick Worcestershire accent. “When Cher had to cancel some shows, she needed other outlets to get things done. So her people contacted my people about doing some shows together in the future. Well, I thought that was a smashing idea, and the two of us decided to get together straight away. We met to talk business and have been on a whirlwind ever since.”

“So, you will be doing shows together?” We asked.

“That is the plan [laughing]. Cher is, of course, Cher. I will be reverting to a “HoneyDrippers” type style. We’ve been singing together, and it sounds fantastic,” continued Mr. Plant. “But I won’t be doing as many costume changes as she will.”

When we asked Plant if he felt he was just another link in Cher’s chain of a penchant for bad boy rockers, Plant told us, “Don’t know, but I’ve been keeping that bloody chain well lubed that’s for sure [laughing]. We’re old-timers just having a good time and enjoying each other and our love of music.”

The wedding will be closed to the public, as will the reception at the Garden Museum in Chelsea.

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