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Grass Valley, CA — In what is turning out to be a shocking discovery, an anonymous man has come forward with pictures of a top-secret Chemtrail storage facility at the Nevada County Air Park in Grass Valley, CA. The photographs, which have yet to be fully authenticated, appear to be real according to Gish Gallop forensics department.

“I’ve worked part-time at the airport picking up bolts and other debris on the runway,” said “Jim” who is not his real name and feared for his safety. “I was told never to go around the back lot hangers. But yesterday I parked over there because the front spots were all taken. And that’s when I snapped these three pictures.”

According to “Jim,” he discovered a large Chemtrail storage tank behind a heavily fortified fence. The tanks were labeled with the “Areo Chem” which is a shadow company belonging to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Gish Gallop reached out to the foundation, but they declined to comment.

As for “Jim,” who says he’s a part-time anti-geoengineering activist, he says he just wants to get the word out.

“How much more proof do we need that they are poisoning our skies?” Questioned an exasperated Jim. “We used to tell people ‘just look up’ to see what the government and the military are doing to us and our planet. But now we have the real proof.”

It is unclear how this revelation will impact nearby Nevada City’s new ordinance banning chemtrails over the city limits, but as resident Stacy Grant said, “Nevada City is the capital of Grass Valley, so it shouldn’t be a problem.”

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