Charlie's Angels gets an absolutely fabulous makeover in 2018.
Charlie’s Angels get an absolutely fabulous makeover in 2018.

Hollywood, CA- The critically-acclaimed action-film triple-threat team Charlie’s Angels from the year 2000 will be rebooted next Summer under a Netflix Original Film title, with one drastic modification to the image of the Angels. Instead of being an all-female lead, the Angels will be gay men. The story of the film isn’t so much a reboot as it is a sequel, with the new Angels set to replace the old ones for reasons still unreleased, but filmmakers have leaked that the change in the cast will be explained in the film’s opening scene, so the original cast (Liu, Barrymore, and Diaz) will make an appearance in the first act possibly in a flashback scene.

While the original story written by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts had dramatic elements to it, the film made in 2000 had a comedic spin to it. This sequel will make a callback to the older themes in an attempt to reboot the series as a Netflix Original Series once the movie has made its airtime over Netflix as a film.

Director of the film, Steven Soderbergh was chosen to direct the film for his work on Behind The Candelabra, an HBO feature film portraying Liberace’s six-year romance with his lover Scott Thorson. With the series taking a more dramatic turn, and Soderbergh’s masterful portrayal of a homoerotic romance he was the perfect pick for directing this film. Rumors state that he will direct the new Original Series when development begins after the release of Charlie’s Angels in 2018.

“Soderbergh is the perfect man for the job. I worked with him and the crew on Behind The Candelabra and he is just amazing,” An intern at the studio, Gary McAllister told us.” He is so good with everyone, and he really understands the struggle of the LGBTQ community. When I finally get hired on full-time as Foley Artist, I hope I can work on the Charlie’s Angels Original Series. After years of practice, I have finally mastered the sound a fist makes when shoved into a mayonnaise jar using only the sounds my mouth can make. It will be a huge help for the more intimate scenes if you catch my drift.”

Casting is still working on who is going to play the new Angels, but talks of a possible Matt Damon/Ben Affleck duo with a comic relief “third wheel” are on the table, which is rumored to be played by Frank Ocean, a hip-hop star made gay icon when he posted to Tumblr about his sexual orientation, now looking to break into the film industry like many successful rap artists in recent history. Also of note, the voice of Charlie will be played by Gary Busey.

This film is likely to be a hit with the LGBTQ community, the alt-right, and owners of over-sized Dodge pickup trucks.

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