May, 2022


Joel Osteen Apologizes For Saying “Balls Deep” During Radio Show

Controversial Houston-based evangelical preacher Joel Osteen had to apologize for what he claims was an accidental vulgarity.

Dog in a Hot Summer Car? Here’s What to Do

Gish Gallop offers these tips if you see a dog driving a car. Remember stay calm and follow these easy steps and everything will be fine.


Abandoned Mattress Just Not Feeling it Anymore

An abandoned mattress has given up on life after being left for naught on Los Angeles' famous Le Petomane Freeway early Wednesday morning.

Scientology and Jordan Peterson Close to a 5 Year Deal

According to rumors, Canadian Clinical Psychologist Jordan Peterson is close to a deal with the Church of Scientology.

Robin Williams-Hitler DNA Mixed Up In Cloning Accident

Scientists at the esteemed New York Stem Cell Foundation accidentally mixed the DNA of Robin Williams and Adolph Hitler to disastrous results.

Persistent Volunteer Kills Town’s Can-Do Spirit

A local woman's chronic volunteerism is being blamed by townsfolk for robbing them of their initiative and dulling their once notable can-do spirit.

New Photographic Evidence Suggests Wright Brothers Not First to Flight

For over a hundred years, many Grass Valley locals have maintained that the Wright Brothers famous 1903 flight at Kittyhawk, North Carolina was the second time in humans flew in an airplane.