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Wikileaks Releases the Gay Agenda

Conservatives immediately called for a Congressional investigation.

Democrat Gay Communist CRT Trans Athlete from the Chinese part of Venezuela to Challenge Ron DeSantis in 2022

The re-elect Desantis campaign jumped into action only to find itself unable to attack the Chinese-Venezuelan athlete.

California Recommends Indoor Fireworks Celebrations

Local and county officials have asked the State to clarify its new mandate.

Amendment to California SB277 to Inject Patriotism into Anti-Vaxxers

Following what appears to be an implosion of the repeal California SB277 movement, two California State Senators plan on introducing legislation to add additional provisions to the controversial "personal belief exemption."

Elon Musk Calls Labor Unions Hate Speech

Tesla is the only United States automaker with workers not represented by a union.

Cracker Barrel Changes Its Name to All Lives Barrel

Facing pressure from its conservative base, the famous country store and restaurant is changing its name.

“Americans Aren’t Stupid,” Claims Woman at Indoor Trump Rally

"God will protect you," claims President Trump at a recent indoor rally.

Guy Fawkes ‘Doth But a Lone Wolf,’ Claimeth the Spanish Crown

The Spanish Crown is denying any involvement in the recent attempts to attack the British government.
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