Parents Sue Fortnite for $42 Million Claiming Emotional Distress

It's unclear how the parent group arrived at the $42 million number. The class now involves 420 parents who seek relief from the game's publisher.

Missing Michigan Trump Votes Found on Hunter Biden’s Laptop

The conspiracy to keep President Trump out of the White House expands into familiar territory.

Guy Fawkes ‘Doth But a Lone Wolf,’ Claimeth the Spanish Crown

The Spanish Crown is denying any involvement in the recent attempts to attack the British government.

Spike Lee to Direct Blazing Saddles Remake

The remake will feature Jennifer Lawrence as Sheriff Bart.

Locals Patch Street Potholes with Pot

Nevada City residents have grown tired of waiting for the city to repair the roadway and recently decided to take matters into their own hands. They did this by planting a series of marijuana plants in the aging street's numerous potholes.

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