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God Claims Texas Freeze Punishment for Toll Roads

Conservative pundits immediately took to the airwaves to parse the Almighty's tweet.

Donald Trump Concedes Election from North Korea

Mr. Trump made a surprise trip to North Korea to make an important announcement.

Parents Sue Fortnite for $42 Million Claiming Emotional Distress

It's unclear how the parent group arrived at the $42 million number. The class now involves 420 parents who seek relief from the game's publisher.

WHO Denies COVID Treatment to the USA

The WHO says it would be open in the future to discuss sharing its treatment.

Tucker Carlson Apologizes for New MyPillow Product Ad

Tucker Carlson was forced to apologize for a new MyPillow Diaper product advertisement.

Mt. Rushmore Trump Staffer Burned By Fireworks Also Diagnosed with COVID-19

An enthusiastic Trump Staffer is in double jeopardy. Debuts New Tin Foil Facemask

Stylish and sleek, the new tin foil mask will protect you from alien breath rays.
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