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Many Billionaires Warn Americans of the Dangers of Socialism

For their part, most Americans cherish their billionaire overlords.

Dilbert Seeks Restraining Order Against Creator Scott Adams

"That's where it starts to get creepy," said Dilbert in a brief press conference outside the Martinez courthouse. "Who does that? It makes a house look like a person. Look, I respectfully decline the invitation to join his hallucination. And he needs to stay away from me."

McDonalds Now Serving Goat Meat: 5 Things You Need to Know

McDonald’s customers have been asking for more variety in their meals for a long time. And now, their wish has come true.

Noam Chomsky Resigns from MIT to Become a Pasta Maker

This was a radical change from his old life, but he’s made it work by keeping all the profits for himself.

DeSantis Declares Florida Now Borders Mexico

They had snacks and maps and a free trip. What average American gets a free trip to Martha's Vineyard," said DeSantis.

If Re-Elected Trump Promises Free Helicopter Ocean Rides for BLM/ANTIFA Protesters

As coined by Trump himself, Operation Tremendous Vacation is scheduled to begin in two weeks when the President plans to sign an executive order.

NASCAR Drivers Allowed To Use Service Animals

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing or NASCAR announced early this week that it plans to allow service animals in select races in 2018 and on every race by 2020.

Chinese-Branded Peanut Butter Angers Trump Supporter

After discovering a Chinese-branded version of Skippy peanut butter in the Grass Valley, CA Grocery Outlet, area Trump supporter and occasional restaurant racist Terry Adkinson proclaimed to a largely disinterested collection of shoppers that "this is why America is not great anymore."
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