How To Become a Libertarian in 15-ish Steps, by Loretta Splitair

Well who doesn't love freedom? I know I do, but I'll be damned if I can figure out what the hell it is despite constant attempts by some very serious folks to define it for me.
Donald Trump Jumps the Shark

Donald Trump Prepares To Jump Shark

In a last ditch effort to revive his public image amid flagging poll numbers, disastrous performances in all three Presidential Debates, alienation from top Republicans and GOP voters and numerous lawsuits and scandals, Donald Trump has announced plans to jump across a 400-gallon tank containing an adult great white shark.

Trump Campaign Accepts George Soros $200 Million Donation

Trump said the money would be used to uphold the Constitition.

Active Shooter’s Killing Spree Tragically Cut Short By Second Active Shooter

A second active shooter thwarted the attempts of a potential active shooter at a Palm Beach Walmart.
Out of the blue, Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash recounted her disappointment in not receiving a Big Wheel for Christmas.

CNN’s Dana Bash Still in Sibling Fight Over Childhood Big Wheel

Esteemed CNN Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash admitted this morning that she is still struggling with her brother over a Big Wheel he received when they were children.

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