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NFL Books King Diamond for Superbowl 52

Responding to outrage over Beyonce's halftime performance at Superbowl 50, officials at the National Football League (NFL) have stated their intent to host Danish heavy metal artist King Diamond at Superbowl 51.

Football Hooligans Form Truce, Have Friendly Game of Trench Warfare Instead

The truce that Clarkson proposed harkens back to The Christmas Truce, a ceasefire between British and German troops during World War 1.

NFL Considering Switch to Metric System

A leaked memo suggests that the NFL has plans to convert the 100 year old organization to the metric system.

Australian Swimmer Mack Horton: Cheating Chinese Commies Are Ball Dust

Australian gold medalist swimmer, Mack Horton has made damn sure the world knows where he stands when it comes to cheaters. Especially those commies in China.

Leaked Photos Reveal Young Tom Brady’s Love of Badminton

According to Brady, he began playing Badminton in his backyard secretly at an early age.

USA Paralympic Team Refuses to Stand During Star Spangled Banner!

A controversy erupted over the weekend when the United States Paralympics Team refused to stand for the National Anthem during their annual fall tryouts.

Colin Kaepernick Converts To Islam

Beleaguered San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick just can’t help throwing gasoline onto the fires he starts. After refusing to stand for the Star Spangled Banner before the 49ers, Packers game on Friday evening, Kaepernick unleashed a tirade of hate speech upon America in an exclusive ESPN interview.

Jogger Wounded by Falling Bitcoin Near Empire State Building

That weight came to bear on a New York jogger's head as she exercised her morning run through the financial district of Manhattan.
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