CarMax Salesman Performs Emergency Birth

5 year veteran CarMax car salesman Sherman Hoover performed an emergency car birth late yesterday afternoon after a pregnant 2011 Land Cruiser unexpectedly gave birth to its offspring.

Confederate Memorial Day Celebration Leads to Several Arrests

The leader of a Stone Mountain, GA pro-Confederacy group was arrested following an altertication with protesters.
An overpass in Weimar, CA designated for lifting to accommodate over-sized personnel carriers.

Feds Raising Interstate Overpasses: Are FEMA Camps Next?

Gish Gallop has learned that the purported Caltrans I-80 Vertical Clearance Project has nefarious goals. According to insiders, the project will accommodate large-scale "re-living modification" transportation vehicles that will move Central Valley and Sierra Foothills citizens to the Stillwater, Nevada FEMA "safety" camp.
An area abandoned mattress has pretty much given up on life after being abandoned on a Los Angeles freeway.

Abandoned Mattress Just Not Feeling it Anymore

An abandoned mattress has given up on life after being left for naught on Los Angeles' famous Le Petomane Freeway early Wednesday morning.

Evangelical Christian Thrift Store Fast-Tracked to Meet Jesus

A Northern Californa Christian thrift store is defying a recent state-wide order to close.

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