June, 2022

Regional News

Rejected State of Jefferson Flags

Gish Gallop Salutes the rejected flags of the State of Jefferson. Do you see any that you think should be re-considered?

Future Active Shooter Disappointed About C- Manifesto Grade

Garth Gall of Clovis, CA says he plans to work hard to get his grades up.

General Mills Debuts New Cereal for Truthers

Consumer goods giant General Mills debuted a new breakfast cereal at area Sierra Super Stop locations this week. The new brand, called Truthi-O’s, is the first General Mill’s product marketed specifically to awakened patriot consumers sometimes referred to as “truthers.”

Area Mom Solves California’s Wildfire Crisis

Grass Valley mother of three and self-proclaimed "Mommy of the year" Karen Beecher announced at last Thursday's city council meeting that she has effectively solved all of California's Wildfire problems.

12,000 Piece Chemtrail Jigsaw Puzzle Just in Time for Christmas

The Redding, California-based Chemtrail Action Network or CAN has announced what it is calling a series of "awareness products" which the controversial activists group claims would make excellent Christmas gifts.


Hillary Clinton Is a Crook and Here’s Why It Matters

Oh you hate her. And now here are the answers you've been waiting for.

Mysterious Light Beam Photographed Over Nevada City, CA

Several readers have contacted Gish Gallop with reports of a mysterious beam of light emanating from the sky in Nevada City. According to more than one caller, the mysterious beam of light seemed to originate beyond sight in the upper atmosphere and "landed" on Coyote Street in North Nevada City. No injuries were reported.

Missing Children Now Exceeding Milk Carton Production

The nation's milk carton producers have sounded an alarm.