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Gov. Jerry Brown Hangs Rainbow State Flag Outside Irvine In-n-Out Burger

At a grand opening of an In-n-Out burger in Irvine this morning, California Governor Jerry Brown unveiled a and LGBT Pride version of the State's flag. The event, which is supposed to coincide with the State's June celebration of LGBT pride month.

Expecting Mom Sees Prince in Ultrasound

Expecting mother Aubrey Goodrow of Citrus Heights, CA swears she saw Prince in a routine ultrasound this morning.

Bowing to Protests, California Gasoline Stations Installing Braille on Pumps

Select Northern California Flyers service stations are bowing to pressure from various social justice organizations and installing tactile Braille systems for the blind on gasoline pumps. Hastily Removes Adult Film Shoot Coupon

The popular online coupon site removed an offer for an adult film shoot.

International Boron Appreciation Day Passes Unnoticed

International Boron Appreciation Day passed without notice on Wednesday. Officials of the relatively unknown holiday date said there were no parades, no fireworks, and certainly no Boron giveaways at participating fast food restaurants largely because none participated.

San Francisco Alt-Right Protest Canceled Due to Fears over Gay Activist DJs

 The leader of a right-wing group that had planned a Saturday rally at Crissy Field in San Francisco said Friday he had decided to call off the event due to fears of what organizers called "militant gay DJs."

Skydiver Caught by 737 Dragged For 200 Miles

A Manteca, CA man is lucky to be alive following an encounter with a Boeing 737.

San Francisco Harvests Human Feces for Building Materials

San Francisco with the help of Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff created a revolutionary new process to deal with the City's homeless problem.
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