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Atlanta Man Finds Jesus in Chick-fil-A Sandwich

A North Atlanta man almost bit off more than he could chew.

Obama Showed Trump “The Film” During Private White House Meeting

During a private meeting last November in the oval office, then President Obama gave President-elect Donald Trump a courtesy "heads-up" by showing the controversial incoming Republican what White House insiders call "The Film."

Job Seeker Uses Snapchat During Job Interview

Local job-seeking Millennial Deborah Williams failed to land a job at a high-profile digital video company Tuesday after she insisted on answering the interviewer's questions with Snapchat pictures.

Low IQ Man Can’t Handle The Hectic Pace of California

A California man can't hack the challenges of living in the golden state anymore.

Canada Considers Replacing Maple Leaf with Gravy Ladle

A group of Canadian nationalists are petitioning the government in Ottawa to replace the maple leaf on the Canadian flag with something more representative of the Great White North.

6 Gish Gallop Life Hacks For Really Lazy People!

We all lead busy lives and it's tough to get stuff done. Here at Gish Gallop, we know how you feel and have created these 6 life-changing "hacks" or lifehacks to simply your life.

Clinton Campaign Announces New Slogan

The Clinton campaign has finally settled on a new slogan.
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