President Donald Trump seen here in the newly renovated underground White House golf course

Trump Avoids Bad Press with New Underground White House Golf Course

A reporter for the Associated Press has come into possession of documentation indicating the extensive renovation work currently being carried out on the White House may include an unexpected alteration.
Remnants of the Coppell, TX warehouse explosion.

Fireworks Package Destroys Warehouse

An Amazon Fulfillment Center Warehouse #DFW6 burnt to the ground overnight after a large fireworks package unexpectedly exploded while being carried by an automated robot "picker."

Ted Cruz to Star in Next Batman Movie

According to Hollywood insiders, Presidential hopeful and Tea Party favorite Senator Ted Cruz has announced a multi-year contract with Warner Brothers Picture to star in as many as 3 Batman films as "the Penguin."
Donald Trump Jumps the Shark

Donald Trump Prepares To Jump Shark

In a last ditch effort to revive his public image amid flagging poll numbers, disastrous performances in all three Presidential Debates, alienation from top Republicans and GOP voters and numerous lawsuits and scandals, Donald Trump has announced plans to jump across a 400-gallon tank containing an adult great white shark.

Trump Campaign Accepts George Soros $200 Million Donation

Trump said the money would be used to uphold the Constitition.

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