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‘Sheeple’ No Longer Acceptable as Insult

You don't hear much about animal husbandry in Nevada County  news these days. Sure, we have the 4H and NCAPSPCHAFFA, but the men and women running these farms – you just don't hear their voices very much. Far less is heard from their livestock.

Nevada County Celebrates Its 201st Consecutive Chemtrail-free Day

In what activists are calling "the great relief," a spokesperson for th Nevada County-based group called Look Up! proclaimed that yesterday marked the 201st day without the scourge of overhead chemtrail spraying of our local skies.

Wayne Brown Correctional Facility Voted Best Winter Resort by Via Magazine

In what began as a unintentional delivery of 3000 copies of Via Magazine to Wayne Brown Correctional Facility has turned into a big win for their public image.

Chris Hemsworth’s Car Breaks Down in Grass Valley

Chris Hemsworth's BMW broke down just south of Grass Valley on Friday. He was traveling with Friend David Spade to Tahoe City.

Job Seeker Uses Snapchat During Job Interview

Local job-seeking Millennial Deborah Williams failed to land a job at a high-profile digital video company Tuesday after she insisted on answering the interviewer's questions with Snapchat pictures.

Area Feminist Petitions to Have Broad Street Renamed

Area community activist and former Sacramento State University feminist Sairhra Ramun of Nevada City has petitioned the city council to formally change the name of Broad Street to Nisenan Blvd. The move, which has been expected by acquaintances close to the activist, was inspired by recent unrest at several college campuses across the country.

New Study: Chemtrails Are Great For Your Complexion

At Sierra Community College in Grass Valley, CA, science student Sandra Willis has made an ironic discovery about the utility of chemtrails: they are great for your complexion. Unfortunately, Sandra Willis' discovery might sway naysayers into the pro-chemtrail camp.
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