May, 2022


The Top 7 Things Foreign Tourists Need to Understand About America

As an native-born and now an Indian living in the United States, I have learned a few things about this peculiar culture. I have decided to share them with others who might visit America.


Greece to Implement the “Zimbabwe Plan” to Ease Liquidity Woes

The Athenian government announced at the close of business Monday night that they have enlisted a number of "Zimbabwe Financial Experts" to help inject desperately needed liquidity into the faltering economy.

Pfizer Creates World’s First Non-GMO Vaccine

The vaccine has been in the works for years following complaints from concerned parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. Pfizer hopes this breakthrough will convince those parents that there is nothing to fear from vaccines.

Morning News Crew Loses It After Hilarious Interview with Ryan Lochte [VIDEO]

The morning news crew at Fox 29 on Good Day Philadelphia lost their composure after a very painful and hilarious interview with disgraced Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte.

Gish Gallop Review: Glass Houses by Billy Joel

Glass Houses features louder, not loud guitars, bigger drum mixes, and the same shitty lyrics that pollute the rest of his albums. And the cherry on top of the poop sundae is Joel decided to mix in a saxophone apparently to provide some glue between his predictable hooks.

Gwyneth Paltrow Tells Followers to Shove Bono into Their Vaginas

In what some are calling an oddly appropriate announcement, American actress and alternative health entrepreneur√ā¬†Gwyneth Paltrow informed her 3 million Twitter followers that she recommends shoving Bono daily into their vaginas.