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Scientology to Build Vault in Remote Graniteville, CA

The Church of Scientology has announced plans to build a store vault and "Cadet Org" in the small unincorporated community of Graniteville, California.

Flat Earthers Call On Trump to Change His Anti-‘Globalist’ Language

A Group of Flat Earth believers is calling on President Trump to stop using the word "globalist."

Area Excavator Guy Exercises His Climatology Know-How

After what can only be called a bark beetle plaque that has killed tens of thousands of drought-weaken trees around California, excavator operator Rob Barrick had a starling revelation: the massive tree die off is mostly due to Chemtrail spraying operations and not the common bark beetle.

Area Researcher: The Mars Curiosity Rover’s Photos are Faked

Area researcher Skyy Wolford announced to a largely disinterested crowd in front of the North San Juan Sierra Super Stop that the Mars Curiosity Rover never landed on Mars, and has been roving the grass lands outside the Truckee, CA airport.

Trump Hopes His Men and Horses Can Fix a Bad Egg

While the wall on the Mexican border is anticipated by many to keep Americans safer, God Emperor Trump found out how perilous the wall can be for both people and Mexicans.

Karl Pilkington Unaware He’s the Leading Prime Minister Candidate

The personality best known for his "performances" on the UK-based show An Idiot Abroad, is now the leading candidate for UK Prime Minister.

27 People Missing & Presumed Dead in Flat Earth Expedition

27 flat earth researchers and 3 crew members have been out of radio contact since late last week and are presumed to be dead.

Noam Chomsky Hires Canadian Real Estate Agent

Renown MIT linguistics professor, media critic and social scientist Noam Chomsky has reportedly hired a Canadian real estate agent apparently with hopes of relocating to the United States neighbor to the north.
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