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President Obama to Celebrate Halloween as Michelle

The president of the free world will celebrate Halloween this year by dressing up as his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama. The move, which surprised both his critics and supporters, was a last-minute decision and the White House wanted to make it clear that the President was not trying to make some kind of "political statement."

Aliens Closing Human Exhibits

Throughout recorded history, there have been alien abductions and sightings reported. Especially today, with the dawn of the Internet era, stories come in from all over the globe. But where do people go when they are abducted?

The Passive Voice Is Being Taken on by Facebook Algorithms

Facebook is taking on bad grammar.

Sinead O’Connor: Transgender is an Illness

Irish music artist Sinead O'Connor, known for her hit 1990 arrangement of the Prince song "Nothing Compares 2 U," has come out against transgender people.

Dog in a Hot Summer Car? Here’s What to Do

Gish Gallop offers these tips if you see a dog driving a car. Remember stay calm and follow these easy steps and everything will be fine.

Macron “Accidentally” Gives Trump Wrong City for the “G6” Summit

A spokesperson for the French President denies giving Trump the wrong directions.

Herbalife Announces Yog-Sothoth as Spokesman

The Multi-Level Marketing company Herbalife announced that they have signed "Outter God" and cosmic all-seer Yog-Sothoth as their official media spokesman.

Study: Minecraft Causes Autism

A 2 year study conducted by the Palo Alto, CA-based Rundex Family Foundation and sponsored by the Family Research Council (FRC) has determined that the popular childhood game Minecraft might cause Autism.
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