24 amateur flat earth researchers and 3 crew members are presumed dead.

27 People Missing & Presumed Dead in Flat Earth Expedition

27 flat earth researchers and 3 crew members have been out of radio contact since late last week and are presumed to be dead.
Tupac Shakur and Osama bin Laden seen here outside the recording studio.

Tupac/Osama bin Laden Team Up for New Album

After years of industry speculation and rumor, American superstar rapper Tupac Shakur and renown international terrorist Osama bin Laden have joined forces for the first time to create the world's first cross-cultural rap album.
President-elect Trump announced the United States' intention to leave the European Union.

The United States to Exit the European Union

The announcement, which surprised both liberals and conservatives, was apparently made to upset Western NATO allies and bolster the strength of Russia.
A Canadian popular culture show claims that Justin Bieber and Justin Trudeau might be related.

Shocker: Justin Bieber and Justin Trudeau Possibly Related

A shocking report from the popular Canadian Broadcast Corporation show Insider has revealed that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and pop music icon Justin Bieber are possibly step brothers.

Test Your Smarts: Is it Detroit or Chernobyl?

Can you tell the difference between a Detroit school and a Chernobyl (Pripyat, Ukraine) one? Take Gish Gallop test and find out. Be sure sure to share your results with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

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