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Area Researcher: The Mars Curiosity Rover’s Photos are Faked

Area researcher Skyy Wolford announced to a largely disinterested crowd in front of the North San Juan Sierra Super Stop that the Mars Curiosity Rover never landed on Mars, and has been roving the grass lands outside the Truckee, CA airport.

Study: Gay Facebook Memes Causing Record Number of Men to “Switch Hit”

An unusually high number of highly suggestive gay memes have invaded Facebook, causing an abnormally large percentage of heterosexual men to "switch hit," a recent study is reporting.

New Girl Scout Cookies Address Wage Inequality

This year the Girl Scouts of America have expanded their social outreach to include some of the more pressing issues confronting Women across the world. To accomplish this, the 103 year old organization has announced a limited-time line of what they are calling "awareness cookies" which will augment the current cookie offerings which include Carmel deLites, formerly known as Samoas, Peanut Butter Patties and the family hoarding favorite, Thin Mints.

Report: Isis Expected To Lose Popularity As Baby Name

Statisticians from the Department of Health released a new study concluding there is a 95% probability that the incidence of the female name "Isis" will probably decrease in the United States. Isis had recently become a fairly popular girls name over the last 3 decades, but it probably won't be for much longer.

32 Photos from INSIDE Chemtrail Planes Like You’ve NEVER Seen Before!

What follows next are 32 secret and previously confidential images that prove that there is a coordinated conspiracy to control us and our planet. You will never be the same after seeing these.

Canada Considers Replacing Maple Leaf with Gravy Ladle

A group of Canadian nationalists are petitioning the government in Ottawa to replace the maple leaf on the Canadian flag with something more representative of the Great White North.

Scientology to Build Vault in Remote Graniteville, CA

The Church of Scientology has announced plans to build a store vault and "Cadet Org" in the small unincorporated community of Graniteville, California.

New Study: Chemtrails Are Great For Your Complexion

At Sierra Community College in Grass Valley, CA, science student Sandra Willis has made an ironic discovery about the utility of chemtrails: they are great for your complexion. Unfortunately, Sandra Willis' discovery might sway naysayers into the pro-chemtrail camp.
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