December, 2021


Elon Musk to Relaunch TV’s The Love Boat…in Space

Telsa and SpaceX super genius Elon Musk plans on relaunching the popular 1970s and 80s American drama comedy The Love Boat.

Inflation Concerns Drive Motel 6 to Rename Itself Motel 7

The 56-year-old budget hospitality and lodging chain Motel 6 announced this week that it is going to rename itself given extraordinary inflation and economic pressures.

Kim Jong-un to Visit the United States

In an unprecedented announcement North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un has released a statement saying he plans to visit the U.S.

Another Self-Driving Car Causes Snag On San Francisco’s Lombard Street

Nvidia's attempt at a self-driving car seen here stuck on Lombard Street in San Francisco moments before the automobile burst into tears.

Area Man Attempts to Smuggle Butchered Lamb After Vacation

Cedar Ridge, CA resident Pete Johnson was briefly detained by TSA officials when they discovered a whole slaughtered New Zealand lamb in his carry-on luggage.


Anonymous Hackers Destroy Bitcoin

Anonymous hackers hacked into multiple databases related to the mining of BTC, individual users' wallets, and other various networks working with BTC exchange as a whole.

Start-Up Facing Backlash over Patented Spider Air Filters

Texas start-up Breathe-Clean has come under fire for it's SpiderEasy of hypoallergenic air-filters which feature live genetically modified arachnids who, in the words of company spokes person Bethany Millbright "eat the particles that humans can't see."

Christian “Terrorists” in Trouble for Illegal Chemtrailing

A group of Christian chemtrailers are in trouble with both civil and military aviation officials for using their aircraft to spread the "the divine Word of Christ."

Easy Bake Oven Thwarted by LED Light Bulb

Warren Grant of Nevada City became agitated on Wednesday when his daughter's Christmas Gift, a "retro" Kenner Easy Bake Oven, failed to cook the small-batch cake mix.

Biden Offers Laid Off Coal Workers Betamax VCRs

The President's critics say this is another example of him being out of touch with average Americans.