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DeSantis Declares Florida Now Borders Mexico

They had snacks and maps and a free trip. What average American gets a free trip to Martha's Vineyard," said DeSantis.

If Re-Elected Trump Promises Free Helicopter Ocean Rides for BLM/ANTIFA Protesters

As coined by Trump himself, Operation Tremendous Vacation is scheduled to begin in two weeks when the President plans to sign an executive order.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Gynecology MasterClass Breaks the Internet

All of the major Internet Service Providers announced plans to slow down Ms. Paltrow's controversial class in order to preserve network capacity.

Jeff Bezos Releases Photos of Tesla’s Starman Mars Arrival

Jeff Bezo's Blue Origin Blue Moon Interstellar Explorer released exclusive photos of SpaceX Starman's arrival on Mars.

8 Destination Every Weed Lover Want to Visit Once

Deciding a place to visit can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time.

Donald Trump ‘Fixes’ Brexit With a Sharpie

With one Sharpie stroke, President Trump claims to have fixed Brexit.

Supply Chain Issues Linked to Massive Cat Attacks

Department of Defense officials say they are taking "humane steps" to help "mitigate the threat."

Mt. Everest Daredevil Climber Escapes Death With Descent in Wingsuit

Dr. Margaery Turell said this was the fastest way down the world's tallest mountain.
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