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Holden Caulfield Calls Coronavirus “Phony”

An Agerstown, Pennsylvania prep student doesn't believe a single word the authorities are telling him.

California LGBT Adoption Service Refuses Christian Clients

A pro-LGBT adoption service is refusing to serve Christians on "religious grounds."

John Denver: The Untold Story of a Vietnam Sniper

During the 1970s he was arguably the most popular performer in the United State and exported his unique brand of optimism around the globe. But few know of his darker past, which the talented bard fought an internal battle for the rest of his life.

Sacramento City College Grants Joe Rogan Honorary AA Degree

Mr. Rogan plans no immediate career changes but is open to teaching a few classes.

SNL Producer Lorne Michaels Deported To Canada

Creator and Producer of Saturday Night Live Lorne Michaels has reportedly been deported back to his native country of Canada. Mr. Michaels was seized by immigration officials early Sunday morning from his Amagansett, New York home without any forewarning.

Childhood Friends Open ‘Two Girls, One Cup Frozen Yogurt’ in Penn Valley

Homegrown childhood friends  Louise Albright and Jessica Downery grew up in Western Nevada County and have always discussed opening a business together. This week, the pair announced plans to open what they believe will be a successful business in the usually quiet township of Penn Valley, CA.

Tesla Introduces Retro Line of Cars Featuring AM Radios

Tesla is making history again with its new like of retro electric cars.

Area Misanthrope Finds Purpose In New Home Depot Job

An area misanthrope has found his dream job at Home Depot.
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