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Some Question Trump’s Delivery of Rice and Beans To Puerto Rico

Many residents are angry and are talking about racism after finding that the supplies received were boxes of rice and beans. The food staple has been stereotyped as a favorite of the Puerto Rican people.

Jars of Trump Farts Sell Out in One Day

Thousands of jars of "MAGA-farts" have sold out in one day, making a Topeka man rich.

Gov. Jerry Brown Hangs Rainbow State Flag Outside Irvine In-n-Out Burger

At a grand opening of an In-n-Out burger in Irvine this morning, California Governor Jerry Brown unveiled a and LGBT Pride version of the State's flag. The event, which is supposed to coincide with the State's June celebration of LGBT pride month.

Yellowstone To Open Joe Rogan’s Darwin Adventures

The National Park Service, in conjunction with Bermuda-based vacation destination company BrightStar Adventures Limited has announced the nation's first "interactive wildlife petting zoo" nestled in West Yellowstone National Park.

2 Kilos of Cocaine Found at Sacramento Goodwill Bins

Area Goodwill treasure hunters Darlene and Jameson Delray found more than a broken Keurig coffee maker and used designer jeans over the weekend.

How to Roast a Fucking Whole Chicken, by Loretta Splitair

Question: How do you scare a Millennial? Answer: Tell them s/he has to butcher a whole chicken. Now I'm not talking about going out to your coop, finding an asshole hen or rooster and cutting that animal's head off, followed by a plucking.

Unemployed Man Politely Turns Down Lettuce Picking Job

Theo Dodge of Fresno, CA isn't interesting in doing any of that "Mexican" work.

Attempt To Donate Frozen Fish From 1984 To Food Bank Fails

Frequent traveler and Cedar Ridge, CA resident Pete Johnson was disappointed when his donation of frozen catfish from 1984 was politely refused by Nevada County Food Bank personal this week..
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