December, 2021


Bill Spork, Inventor of the Spork, Dead at 84

The iconic inventor sported a prankster personality that spilled over into his creations.

Florida Gym Teacher Arrested For Farting On Student

Pensacola, FL gym teacher Davis Allen Darden has arrested and released pending an investigation.

KFC Offers Trump’s Medical Team a 12-Piece Chicken Infusion

KFC is stepping up its game with its presidential fried chicken IV drip.

Goodwill Denies Reselling Dog Shit in Plastic Bags

Goodwill industries is denying that it packaged dog feces for resale.

John Kerry Found to be Life-sized Ketchup-filled Stretch Armstrong

After a shaving accident on Wednesday a mystery was revealed: Secretary of State John Kerry is a flexible action figure filled with ketchup.


Anonymous Hackers Destroy Bitcoin

Anonymous hackers hacked into multiple databases related to the mining of BTC, individual users' wallets, and other various networks working with BTC exchange as a whole.

Start-Up Facing Backlash over Patented Spider Air Filters

Texas start-up Breathe-Clean has come under fire for it's SpiderEasy of hypoallergenic air-filters which feature live genetically modified arachnids who, in the words of company spokes person Bethany Millbright "eat the particles that humans can't see."

Christian “Terrorists” in Trouble for Illegal Chemtrailing

A group of Christian chemtrailers are in trouble with both civil and military aviation officials for using their aircraft to spread the "the divine Word of Christ."

Easy Bake Oven Thwarted by LED Light Bulb

Warren Grant of Nevada City became agitated on Wednesday when his daughter's Christmas Gift, a "retro" Kenner Easy Bake Oven, failed to cook the small-batch cake mix.

Biden Offers Laid Off Coal Workers Betamax VCRs

The President's critics say this is another example of him being out of touch with average Americans.