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Taco Bell Introduces Controversial Cesar Chavez Salad Bowl

Taco Bell is under fire for its new line of salads.

Area Man Discovers Chihuahua in Subway Sandwich

The long line at the local Subway Sandwich shop in Grass Valley's Fowler Center came to a brief halt on Friday when area B & C Hardware worker Rick Guzman found a whole, live Chihuahua puppy in his sandwich.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie seen here waiting to enjoy the entire Golden Corral to himself.

Chris Christie Demands Golden Corrals Reopen

The two-term governor of New Jersey made a grand statement about the closing of America.
Herman Dean displaying produce from his garden worth approximate $47.00 USD.

Area Home Gardener Harvests $7.56 Tomato

Area home gardener Herman M. Dean has been working all summer in his garden and announced to friends and family that he harvested his first tomato. A tomato estimated to cost $7.56 to produce.

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