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Gish Gallop Salutes Our Heroes: Hugh Hefner Dead at 91

Hugh Hefner who was the founder of Playboy enterprises and hosted the popular "California's Gold" for 18 seasons died after a battle with prostate cancer this according to his official death certificate. Hefner was 91.

Gary Larson Signs Exclusive 27 Year Deal with Gish Gallop

The Far Side -- On the heels of recent news that Gary Larson's The Far Side might be returning,, the nation's premier news, information and commentary magazine announced an arrangement with...

6 Everyday Toothpaste Hacks That Fail to Prevent Mass Extinction

What does toothpaste and mass extinction have in common? More than you think!

J.J. Abrams Apologizes For Using ISIS As Star Wars Extras

Acclaimed director, producer and writer J.J. Abrams issued an apology to fans of the recent Star Wars installment The Force Awakens for using ISIS members as a part of the film's extras.

Sesame Street Reluctantly Gives Directions to Itself

The famous children's television street finally had to breakdown and give directions to itself.

Now You Know Vol 1: We Exist as Electromagnetic Resonance

Power is the knowledge of wisdom, and of us. Growth is the driver of faith. This life is nothing short of a refining reintegration of zero-point power.

Dilbert Seeks Restraining Order Against Creator Scott Adams

"That's where it starts to get creepy," said Dilbert in a brief press conference outside the Martinez courthouse. "Who does that? It makes a house look like a person. Look, I respectfully decline the invitation to join his hallucination. And he needs to stay away from me."

Spike Lee to Direct Blazing Saddles Remake

The remake will feature Jennifer Lawrence as Sheriff Bart.
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