September, 2021


Spike Lee to Direct Blazing Saddles Remake

The remake will feature Jennifer Lawrence as Sheriff Bart.

Resurrected Redding Killer Claims He’s Still Dead

A Redding, CA killer who was accidentally resurrected by a group of evangelical teens, claims he's still dead.

Black Militias Spotted in Kentucky: Senate Immediately Considers Gun Ban

Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suddenly has a change of heart.

Unabomber Ted Kaczynski Declared “Father of the Tiny House Movement” by Tiny Home Magazine

Tiny Homes magazine, the self-proclaimed leading publication on small living, has declared Unabomber Ted Kaczynski the "patron saint" and founder of the tiny house movement in its most recent issue.

The Epoch Times Buys The Babylon Bee in a Satire-free Transaction

The far-right newspaper The Epoch Times has purchases the French-reactionary publication the Babylon Bee.


Increased Chemtrail Spraying Leading to Premature Guinea Pig Deaths

Increased aerosolized chemtrail spraying over Northern California has led to an increase in small pet deaths according to area veterinarians.

“Racists aren’t the real racists. You’re the real racist,” Says Area Racist

Merton Davies knows a racist when he sees one.

Eric Cartman Based On South Park Creator’s Pet Guinea Pig

According to a new tell-all book, the creator of the Comedy Central show South Park based the popular character Eric Cartman on his childhood guinea pig.

Most Americans Still OK with the 71,000 Afghans We Bombed to Death

Mr. Bufton doesn't think about the casualties in the Afghan theater. All he knows is that he's keeping America safe.

Low IQ Man Can’t Handle The Hectic Pace of California

A California man can't hack the challenges of living in the golden state anymore.