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Breaking: GenX Still Doesn’t Give a Shit

We GenXers smirk a lot. Who has time for anything else? We're ancient. It's obvious, OK?

Robin Williams-Hitler DNA Mixed Up In Cloning Accident

Scientists at the esteemed New York Stem Cell Foundation accidentally mixed the DNA of Robin Williams and Adolph Hitler to disastrous results.

The Top 7 Things Foreign Tourists Need to Understand About America

As an native-born and now an Indian living in the United States, I have learned a few things about this peculiar culture. I have decided to share them with others who might visit America.

Gary Larson Signs Exclusive 27 Year Deal with Gish Gallop

The Far Side -- On the heels of recent news that Gary Larson's The Far Side might be returning,, the nation's premier news, information and commentary magazine announced an arrangement with...

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Gynecology MasterClass Breaks the Internet

All of the major Internet Service Providers announced plans to slow down Ms. Paltrow's controversial class in order to preserve network capacity.

Protests Break Out Over Proposed Blazing Saddles Showing

Protests broke out late this week as a group of activists marched in front of Grass Valley's Del Oro Theater after the establishment announced plans to show a special matinee of Mel Brooks 1974 comedy film Blazing Saddles. Hastily Removes Adult Film Shoot Coupon

The popular online coupon site removed an offer for an adult film shoot.

Dog in a Hot Summer Car? Here’s What to Do

Gish Gallop offers these tips if you see a dog driving a car. Remember stay calm and follow these easy steps and everything will be fine.
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