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Morrissey to Replace Bono on Upcoming U2 Tour

The former lead singer of the 1980s new wave band The Smiths is helping out some old friends.

Unitarians Pick Willem DaFoe As Their Version of Jesus Christ

The Unitarian Universalist Association has made a bold move to broaden its appeal.

Alice Cooper Rejoins Mormon Church

Alice Cooper, after decades of hard rocking, drinking, drugging and hard living, made a startling announcement today as he left a local Mormon church after the service concluded.

Trump Censors Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown Iran Episode

In an attempt to control the messaging around Iran, the Trump administration announced it would limited access to an Anthony Bourdain show on Iran.

4 Ways the Homeless Are Taking Your Jobs

While jobs are on a ridiculously steady incline, due to Trump's threats against Puerto Rico, the homeless have been taking your jobs and votes, all the while teaching illegal aliens to do the same.

Ex AC/DC Singer Brian Johnson Debuts New Hoover Vacuum Jingle: VIDEO

Johnson debuted his new Hoover vacuum jingle to mixed reviews over the weekend. “It fucking rocks,” said longtime AC/DC die-hard, Larry Burgess. “It sounds like he did took a time machine back to the early 80’s. Powerful stuff man!”

Border Collies Deployed to Keep Chihuahuas Out

According to DHS, since Operation El Perro Loco secretly launched in March, after Congress refused to fund President Trump's border wall.

Virginia University Offering American History Course for Russian Trolls

The George Mason School of Economics is offering an innovative online program for Russian Troll Farms to help instill chaos on social media platforms such as Facebook.
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