December, 2021


Biden Proposes Drones for Chemtrail Operations

In a surprise executive order, the Biden Administration announced plans to license and deploy aerial drones to conduct Chemtrail spraying operations.

Internet Researcher: Asheville, North Carolina Doesn’t Exist

North San Juan resident, part-time chemtrail researcher and amateur ionizing radiation hobbyist Skyy Wolford announced to a somewhat disinterested crowd out in front of the Sierra Super Stop that Asheville, North Carolina is an elaborate hoax and does not exist.

CAUGHT! Video of Chemtrail Plane Over Redding, California

Members of Northern California chapter of the Chemtrail Action Network or CAN have spotted what appears to be a "forward" chemtrail plane coming in for a landing at an area Air Force base.

Chemtrail Believer Bullied by “Math Thugs”

Mary McAlister seemed surprised that others took issue with her incendiary share of a billboard picture that warned people of the dangers of geoengineering.

QAnon Posts 4th Quarter Profit Despite Failed Predictions

In a surprise announcement, QAnon's stock skyrocketed over the past quarter.


Christian “Terrorists” in Trouble for Illegal Chemtrailing

A group of Christian chemtrailers are in trouble with both civil and military aviation officials for using their aircraft to spread the "the divine Word of Christ."

Easy Bake Oven Thwarted by LED Light Bulb

Warren Grant of Nevada City became agitated on Wednesday when his daughter's Christmas Gift, a "retro" Kenner Easy Bake Oven, failed to cook the small-batch cake mix.

Biden Offers Laid Off Coal Workers Betamax VCRs

The President's critics say this is another example of him being out of touch with average Americans.

Why I Should Be The Next Supreme Court Justice

There is a lot of controversy going on in our government about the next Supreme Court justice and who should be allowed to choose them. I have a simple solution, choose me.

Dalai Lama Finds Time to Relax with a Fidget Spinner

His holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, surprised audience members at this year's 7th Annual Ohio Spiritual Awakening Festival or OSAF when he mentioned that he used a fidget spinner to occasionally "relax and center himself after a hectic day."